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11 Ways to use the We-Vibe!

How many ways can you use the We-Vibe? Lots! This is a versatile toy for solo and partnered use. Let us share some of these great ways we’ve found to use American’s most popular sex toy!

*To celebrate sexual and gender diversity, this article will use “vulva” and “penis” instead of “woman” and “man.”

What is the We-Vibe? 

We-Vibe is a unique vibrating stimulator toy shaped liked a “C.” It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and is wireless and hands-free. There’s an ultra-quiet small vibrating bullet in each end, and they pulse in synch.  There are 2 constant vibration modes (low and high), and 7 pulsing rhythm modes. We-Vibe is rechargeable, you plug it in to the wall and it charges overnight.  We-Vibe currently sells in versions II and III, but both may be used the same way.

How can you use the We-Vibe?

How many ways can you think of? As with any sex toy, your imagination is the only limit! Positive Passions staff have enjoyed discovering many ways to use the We-Vibe II.  

Hygiene: Since the We-Vibe is made of 100% silicone, it is completely non-porous and you don’t need to worry about bacteria soaking into the soft surface. That means that it is safe to use in both the vagina and the anus, as long as you use an antibacterial Toy Cleaner to wash off surface bacteria before switching from the anus to the vagina.

1.       Couple’s toy during intercourse (Vulva & Penis, Vulva & Dildo) – this is the way the We-Vibe was primarily designed to be used. The slightly smaller, ridged end is worn about 1.5 inches inside the vagina, tucked up at an angle against the highly sensitive G-spot area. The slightly larger end is worn on the outside of the body against the clitoris. Now, your partner’s penis, fingers, or a dildo can go inside the vagina underneath the vibrating end – giving great vibrations to you both! The highly sensitive tip of the penis will enjoy the vibrations of the internal end, and with every thrust, the G-spot gets a nice tap and the clitoris enjoys constant hands-free vibration during sex!


2.       Vibrating Penis/Dildo Ring (all) – for great sensations along the base of the penis and against the clitoris or lips of the vulva, try hanging the We-Vibe in an upside-down U shape over the base of a penis or dildo. Now with every thrust, the sensitive lips are in contact with both vibrators, and if on a penis, those who enjoy shaft vibration have a pleasant tingle!


3.       Vulva Toy – Masturbation & Foreplay: Using the larger end as a handle, move the smaller end in and out of the vagina in a gentle (or firmer!) stroking motion. This will stimulate all the sensitive nerve endings right at the opening of the vagina. Use the larger end for clitoral massage. Or, for even more fun, use both ends of the We-Vibe to stimulate the clitoris, perhaps one vibrator on each side of the clitoris and rub them together, or use both ends in a gentle pinching motion to stimulate the inner lips (labia).



4.       Penis Toy – Masturbation & Foreplay: With lots of water-bases lubricant (try Waterslide or O My) place the We-vibe on either side of the penis. Stroke the penis shaft up and down on your favourite vibration setting, or rub in a circular motion around or underneath the coronal ridge (the ridge of the head of the penis).


5.       Anal Toy (all) – Masturbation, Foreplay & During Sex: For beginners or experienced anal-players, use the smaller end of the We-Vibe inside the anus. The opening of the anus has many sensitive nerve endings – this is true for all genders! Try moving the toy gently in and out, or leave it in place. For the vulva: hold the upper vibrator as a type of handle, and move the smaller, lower end inside the anus. For the penis: wear the smaller vibrating end inside the anus, and place the larger vibrating end underneath the balls for a unique sensation. Now, the penis can go inside some fun area!


6.       Ultimate Cunnilingus Toy (Vulva): For intensely arousing sensations, wear the larger end of the We-Vibe inside the vagina and the smaller end inside the anus! Then, proceed to receive incredible oral sex – your partner can use their tongue on your clitoris and lips. (Put a condom on top of the larger end if you are worried about getting moisture inside the charging port). What a great way to start a night of pleasure!


7.       Fellatio with double or triple the fun! (Penis): On the low setting, place the We-Vibe on either side of the balls. Now receive great head! Or, using the We-Vibe as an anal and balls toys, insert the smaller end anally and have the larger end under the balls. Again, proceed to enjoy great oral sex with an extra two areas being stimulated!


8.       Enhance Anal Sex (Vulva & Penis, Vulva & Dildo): Wear the We-Vibe as in way #1, with the larger end on the clitoris and the smaller end inside the vagina. Now, enjoy anal sex with a penis or dildo. You or your partner can massage the clitoris with the vibrating end with a free hand. The penis and balls will even be able to slightly feel the vibrations!


9.       Underneath a Strap-On Harness (Vulva): Wear the We-Vibe as in way #1, with the larger end on the clitoris and the smaller end inside the vagina. Now, wear your favourite strap-on harness as you normally would, on top of the pelvis with the clitoral end of the We-Vibe underneath. The harness should still fit almost flush with your pubic mound because of the We-Vibe’s low profile! (Try it with our New Comer’s Harness Kit, Vibrating Corset Harness Kit, or Universal Harness)


10.   Vibrating panties – without the panty! (Vulva): Since the We-Vibe is so quiet, and has such a low profile, you can try wearing it on top of the clitoris and inside the vagina for double, discreet vibrations when you’re brunching with friends or with your lover for a night on the town! Think…the theatre…restaurant….cafe….shopping! Just make sure the We-Vibe has been charging for a full 24-hours before hand so you get the maximum battery life during your outing.


11.   Clitoris fun x 2! (Vulva & Vulva): Use the We-Vibe to rock 1 vagina and 2 clitorises at the same time! One partner on the bottom, wearing the We-vibe vaginally with the clitoral end outside the body, and the other partner straddling on top, or facing, side by side. Press the clitorises together with the We-Vibe end between, and bump and grind your way to double ecstasy! Try moving back and forth, or rotating your hips in tiny circles.

 By Lana


Bite Sized says

"For the proper use of this tool check our Bitesizedseries.com!"
posted on: March 10, 2013 5:13 PM

spice says

"Just got the We-Vibe and i love it so cool"
posted on: March 27, 2013 1:19 AM

Phobos says

"read elsewhere to NOT use this inside anal because it can be sucked in? true or not? dying to try it in the ass but worried after reading that. thanks"
posted on: June 29, 2013 1:29 PM

Jimmy says

"Hi , I have miss place the charger for we vibe 2 while moving, does any one know the amp/volt rating for the charger or vibe2? Thanks."
posted on: December 11, 2013 7:03 PM

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