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Bodysex at Positive Passions

Positive Passions is thrilled to host Bodysex Canada, led by Natasha Salaash, the first and only Betty Dodson & Carlin Ross certified Bodysex facilitator in Canada! We support and believe in Natasha 100% and are also happy to supply the Mystic Wand vibrators participants will take home. The first workshop takes place May 30th & 31st.

The following was originally posted at natashasalaash.com

Bodysex is a transformative experience, for women of all ages and sexual orientations, interested in the empowering freedom of shedding masks, roles and clothing that we hide behind everyday. The workshop is done in the nude, yet it is non sexual. It is about creating sisterhood, healing body shame and exploring pleasure physically, emotionally and spiritually. The workshop is based on the Consciousness Raising groups that started during the 70’s Feminist Movement when women got together, and speaking in first person, shared their experiences. World renowned Sex Educator, Betty Dodson, took CR groups one step further by including women’s orgasms and body image to create “Sexual Consciousness Raising Groups” which she later renamed “Bodysex”. I am extremely honoured and proud to have trained with Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross and to be given their blessing and certification to lead Bodysex workshops in Canada for the first time.

This two day workshop will include:

·          Sharing, in first person, how we feel about our bodies and our orgasms.    Through this, the roots of sisterhood will begin forming as we reveal our honest “I’s” in the sacred circle.

·          Participate in group genital show and tell. This is a powerful ceremony where we display our vulva one at a time, identify all of the parts of our anatomy and recognize the beauty and diversity among us.

·           Learn new methods to enhance our orgasms and our self loving practice. Understanding our sexual anatomy, how breath, movement, sound and our pc muscle work to enhance our pleasure on all levels.

·          Self loving, side by side, in the circle during “erotic recess.” Sharing our own pleasure, without expectation, with other women is one of the most powerful experiences that you will ever have. This is about learning to be our own lover, healing body shame, overcoming sexual guilt and sharing in sisterhood. This is also an opportunity for me to help personally guide you, towards orgasm or increased pleasure if you have never orgasmed or are having difficulty and would like help.

·          Group massage. This ancient practice is almost impossible to describe in words. It is a transcendent experience where we are able to give and receive loving, non sexual touch from the other women in the circle.

Workshop details:
Location: Positive Passions, 300 3rd Avenue South, Saskatoon SK. Canada
Dates: May 30 (Sat. 1-6)
May 31 (Sun. 1-6)
2 days $400.00 (mystic wand vibrator included in the price)
$200 NRF deposit on registration
maximum 10 participants
Traditionally, after each day, the group goes out for dinner together. This isn’t mandatory just something to keep in mind if you are interested.
email natashawiig@hotmail.com to register or call 306-241-2408

If you want to read more about Bodysex, here is a link to a blog I wrote about my second Bodysex experience:


Here are links to my instructor Carlin Ross’s experience of the workshops that I was a part of:



Additional Outdoor Nude Photo Option

I am thrilled to offer an outdoor photo session option for workshop participants interested in adding to their Bodysex experience. Dana Kellett is an amazing photographer uniquely talented in combining and capturing the beauty of nature and women in a simple, organic way.  It is her belief that everyone should experience the empowerment and emancipation that results from being naked in nature, and this is especially powerful when combined with sisterhood. This is a chance to see yourself in the light that others see you. I will write a full blog about the photos and showcase some of Dana’s work in the next month but keep in mind that the photos will be done on June 1st. Cost is $125/ person. While the resulting unaltered nude or semi-nude photos serve as a memento of the experience; it is the freedom and celebration of nudity in nature with other women, that you will carry forward.


Frequently asked questions about Bodysex workshops:

·         What if I have my period?
No problem. Both of the workshops I attended had women menstruating. You can use a tampon, menstrual cup, or a piece of natural sea sponge during genital show & tell and erotic recess.

·         What if I have a yeast infection?
No problem. I would recommend some cranberry pills or the monistat egg to treat your yeast infection then come to the workshop.

·         What if I can’t orgasm?
If you orgasm, great. If you don’t, that’s ok too. Orgasm is NOT the goal. We’re here to heal body shame, overcome sexual guilt and experience true sisterhood. There’s no agenda and no expectations.

·         Can I keep the mystic wand vibrator and barbell that I use during the workshop?
The mystic wand vibrator is yours to take home after the workshop as the cost is included in the workshop fee. The barbell is not included in the workshop fee and isn’t to be taken home. If you want to keep the barbell that you used during the workshop, you can and the price is $70.00

·         Can I bring my own barbell and wand?
Yes. If you’ve already purchased the barbell and the wand, you can bring them with you to the workshop.

·         Can I bring something to eat?
Of course. I will provide water, veggies, fruit, cheese and cookies.

·         When do we take off our clothes?
I will greet you at the door of the workshop naked and you will come in and take off your clothes first thing. In this way we will spend the 2 days – without any physical barrier to hide behind yet accepted as we are.

·         Am I the right age to do this workshop?
There is no “right” age for this workshop as long as you are an adult. The Bodysex workshops that I participated in had women ranging in age from 20 – 85. I can’t say enough about how the diversity in age added to the experience. Everyone brought different energy to the circle and I valued all of them for that.

Places to Stay:

If you are travelling from out of town or even if you are from Saskatoon I highly recommend that you book a space to be alone for Saturday and Sunday nights. This is not a necessity – only a recommendation – to allow for you to have the space to process or just BE present in the incredible journey you are embarking on. I personally was grateful for my time alone each night.



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