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Dreaming of a Wet Xmas: Sex Dreams Demystified

           Have you ever woken in the middle of the night, panting and sweaty, feeling as though you’re on the verge of having an orgasm? Were you dreaming of “scandalous” encounters with a possible co-worker, friend, or crush? Maybe, just maybe, you were having a sex dream. (If you were dreaming of any of the above encounters, I’d go ahead and say that that is quite a prominent possibility). Sex dreams are completely normal, and a very common occurrence. We often hear of men having sex dreams, or commonly referred to as wet dreams, nocturnal emissions, or spontaneous orgasm. Men usually begin having these wet dreams around the age of puberty, and for as long as up to the time they reach 70 years old. Women can also have sex dreams, but can they orgasm during a sex dream? What about when they wake up?  

            Our brains are a pleasure centre: it tells us what feels good, and what doesn’t feel good, but how does this differ when we’re asleep? When we’re awake, for many of us, our brain likes to put up barriers regarding anything that may trigger us to be anxious, nervous, scared, maybe a little sprinkle of turned on – we put up a wall. When we’re asleep, we fall into a deep relaxation, something called REM (rapid eye movement). During this state of sleep is usually when we have our most vivid dreams. What’s important here is that during REM the activity of the brains neurons are similar as when we are awake, but the anxiety, the nervousness and fear softens. When we’re asleep our barriers go down for the night, and our confidence, even while unconscious, goes up. Our inhibitions don’t hold us back. We loosen up, and it becomes easier to allow ourselves the simple pleasure of pleasure itself.

            The big question: Can we orgasm during a sex dream? The answer: You bet your sweet self you can. Although it is more common for women to wake up on the brink of orgasm, many sexually charged women can orgasm during sleep, while possibly having a sex dream, quite easily (although, should you wake up on the brink of orgasm I strongly encourage you to finish when you wake. Why not? You’re half way there!)

When we’re asleep, and dreaming, the ability to paint an optimal scenario where you get exactly the stimulation where and when you want it is more probable, so let the dreams “cum”! I encourage you all to continue your sex dream research because this is the just the brink of it. Start conversations with your friends, your partner, and give in to your wildest dreams.

Happy dreaming!


Photo: Berta on Flickr

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