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Life Balance Energetic Self Awareness Development

LIFE BALANCEEnergetic Self Awareness Development ProgramNovember 25th, December 8th & 16th from 11am-5pm.          
This 3 day Self Development Program will help us to understand what co-dependency and personal responsibility looks like.  We look at some of our fears as opportunities to create change.  As we learn about ourselves, we also learn tangible ways to be able to express our needs or boundaries clearly and with confidence.     The Life Balance Development System workshop series will:~Explain the concept of subtle energy awareness within the body & its involvement in the daily functions of life.~Utilize the 5 senses & the breath to experience what energy feels like & what the locations in the body correlate to emotionally, physically, intellectually and for some, spiritually. ~Show you how to recognize energy blockages & how to move through and release them.~Utilize practical tools and your own belief systems to improve well-being in your life.
Level 1 - Energy & The Self What is Life Force Energy?How do we become aware of our own Subtle Energy Vibrations?How does Energy move within the body or become stagnant?What do the different vibrations of Energy mean for us personally?How do we use this awareness to find balance in life? Practical tools provided to help overcome challenged areas.Intention, Practice, Prayer, Ritual and CeremonyMeditation and Yoga
Level 2 - Energy And AnotherEthics of sharing energyEnergy and ConnectionCommunicationExtention and TransmutationGiving and ReceivingPartnered yoga and physical practices.
Level 3 - Sexuality & EnergySteps to Sexual Connection and ResponsibilityConsent to Create Loving ExperiencesSex-ercises, Diet and AphrodisiacsCommunicating Sexual NeedsCreating your Sacred SpaceSexual Anatomy & PhysiologyForeplay, Types of Orgasms & PositionsTransitions through Sexuality
Scheduled Dates: November 25th, December 8th & 16th from 11 to 5pm daily. 3 day Program: $550 per person
Contact Celeste Lemieux directly to register or to schedule a private or group Life Balance Development Series. clemieux@sasktel.net or 306-651-7227

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Open Discussion on THC, Hemp and Health 7-9pm

Open Discussion on THC, Hemp and Health 7-9pm

Couples Connection March 22nd 7-10pm

Couples Connection March 22nd 7-10pm This workshop comes with over 15 years of experience working with couples to deepen their ability to communicate compassionately, connect intimately, maintain their sense of self, be supportive of growth and expansion within the relationship and overcome sexual challenges.

Energy Yoga with Celeste 6-7pm

This 1 hour class offers a balance of yoga postures, meditation and breathwork combined with subtle energy awareness techniques which assists to help open energy centres by creating space for a new state of mind, body and emotional well-being.

Bondage For Beginners 7-9pm

This introductory workshop is on Bondage, Domination, Submission and Sado-Masochism (enjoyment of giving/receiving pain). The workshop explains what it means, how to start, what to expect, safety and consent and when to take it to the next level. Rope tying, knot demonstrations and practice included. Everyone and anyone is welcome! Pay securely online. $40 per person Pre-registration only.

Partner Yoga 7-9pm

Partner Yoga for Intimacy and Connection -Looking for fun, healthy activities to experience within your relationship? -Want to learn new ways to deepen intimacy and connection with your partner? -Open to different ways to recognize your own boundaries and move past them? Then look no further. This 2 hour Partner Yoga class is an intimate, safe way to explore new ways of connecting in body, mind and spirit with your beloved. This class is open to all levels of yoga experience. $50/couple

Life Balance Energy Practioner Certification Program

Life Balance Energy Practitioner Certification Program

Life Balance Self Awareness Development Program 10-4pm

Life Balance Self Awareness Development Program

Life Balance Energy Practitioner Certification Program

Life Balance Energy Practitioner Certification Program