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Love Bumpers, the perfect positioning tool!

Ever wished you could position your hips just that little bit higher so your partner can hit that oh-so-perfect spot every single thrust? Do you or your partner have back stiffness or aches in your neck, back, shoulders or knees that make some sexual positions uncomfortable, or hard to stay in for prolonged periods of pleasure?

If you have ever tried to use a pillow for lift and support during sex play, you know that some pillows work better than others. Size, shape, and support levels vary, making it difficult to get the support you desire with small, squishy couch throw cushions or the pillows from your bed.

Meet the Love Bumper positioning furniture line – these ergonomic, water-resistant, incredibly supportive and comfortable cushions are amazingly versatile!  Great for couples of all genders!

Chris, the Canadian designer of Love Bumper furniture, designed each cushion based on the shapes of the human body.  Each design curves to fit you and your partner, while the special high-density foam gives you the support precisely where you need it while still being incredibly comfortable to lie on.

Love Bumper furniture is especially great for those with knee, hip, back, leg or shoulder problems by taking strain off of those areas.  They are also recommended for those whose height or weight makes sustaining sex positions challenging. The pillow supports you, so you and your partner can focus on pleasure!

All Love Bumper cushions allow you to raise a partner’s pelvis higher and at an ideal angle for deeper penetration.  Love Bumpers also allow you to more easily move your partner or be moved by your partner, making it easier for older adults and those who have restricted mobility or disabilities.

All cushions have zippered, washable PolySuede covers with a moisture-proof backing.  Simply unzip the cover, throw in the washing machine, and lay flat to dry! Love Bumpers all come in many different colours and sizes for stylish, discreet, convenient use and storage. 

Visit us to see how Love Bumpers can be a supportive, comfortable addition to your sex life tonight!  Bring your partner, sit on one together, and you’ll immediately feel all the possibilities.


Love Bumper Products at Positive Passions:

The Iceberg

-          A smaller pillow with a pronounced slope that features a pocket for your vibrator to add stimulation – the feeling is incredible!

-          Positions the pelvis so thrusting is more satisfying for both partners

-          Helps raise the receptive partner’s hips to a higher level which can enhance the flow of nerve impulses from the genitals to the brain – creates stronger, faster orgasms, especially for women

The Original Love Bumper

-          a 3.5 ft. long model featuring two bumps of the same height

-          Optimal for people with knee injuries/problems -  it was originally designed for  that specific challenge

-          Extra padding for a more comfortable position and more balance as it allows you to keep the balls of your feet on the floor

-          Place on the floor or on top of your bed

The Love Lounge

-           A 4 ft long model featuring one end significantly higher than the other

-          Rest a partner’s shoulders or hips on the higher end for a variety of positions

-          Positive Passions Staff’s top product for position variation and comfort

-          Ideal for woman/receptive partner-on-top positions. The top partner has increased balance and height from which to thrust, and their partner’s shoulders and neck are supported beneath them

-          Great for rear entry! The receptive partner can rest arms, elbows, chest and belly on the Love Lounge for more support during thrusting. 

-          Place on the floor or on top of your bed


These products were designed with certain positions in mind, however we encourage you to use your imagination! These cushions are very versatile and adaptable.

View images and colors on our website here. Positive Passions can only offer Love Bumper furniture for purchase in-store, not online.  All products in select colors are currently in stock as of June 30, 2011.

Check out the Love Bumpers Here

By Crystal & Lana

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