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Life Balance Energy Reading

Life Balance Sessions help bring awareness to the root cause of the physical, emotional, intellectual or even spiritual stress that causes dis"ease" within the body. 

Stressful issues may include self-sabotage, lack of direction, fear of abandonment, inability to set boundaries or speak your truth, trust & financial issues and more. 
Utilizing intuitive, practical and energetic techniques, we let your body’s voice of intuition tell you what you need to know and what you can do about it. 
Energetic body work completes the session to help clear & balance the energy systems, increase vitality and set you up for a successful integration of the information you receive.
Offered by private session and appointment only. (1-1.5hrs)
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Life Balance Couples Reading

Life Balance Couple Sessions specialize in using energetic skills to guide you to balance the energy in your body. This technique is used to balance energy flow in each of the chakras and refocus patterns in the emotional and physical bodies that cause disease. Treatments can also help to balance powerful hormonal energy, increase vitality and encourage connection with emotional stability and balance. These sessions are perfect to help balance and ground energies specific to the relationship and provide new tools or pathways to express and exchange energy within your relationship and with your beloved.

Offered by private session and appointment only. (1-2hrs)​​​
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Energy Yoga 

This 1 hour class offers a balance of yoga postures, meditation and breathwork combined with subtle energy awareness techniques & assists to help open energy centers creating space for a new state of mind, body and emotional well-being. Facilitated by Celeste Lemieux 
716 2nd Avenue North
Mondays 6-7pm
Drop In $15
5 class pass $50
5 class kids pass $25

Private $100 /hr 

Energetic Self Awareness Development Program

This 3-part Life Balance Development System workshop series will:
~Explain the concept of energy within the body & its involvement in the daily functions of life.
~Utilize the 5 senses & the breath to experience what energy feels like & what the locations in the body correlate to emotionally, physically, intellectually and for some, spiritually. 
~Show you how to recognize energy blockages & how to move through and release them.
~Utilize practical tools and your own belief systems to improve well-being in your life.

Level 1 - Energy & The Self 
What is Life Force Energy?
How do we become aware of our own Subtle Energy Vibrations?

How does Energy move within the body or become stagnant?
What do the different vibrations of Energy mean for us personally?
How do we use this awareness to find balance in life? 
Practical tools provided to help overcome challenged areas.
Intention, Practice, Prayer, Ritual and Ceremony
Meditation and Yoga

Level 2 - Energy And Another
Ethics of sharing energy
Energy and Connection
Extension and Transmutation
Giving and Receiving
Partnered yoga and physical practices.

Level 3 - Sexuality & Energy
Steps to Sexual Connection and Responsibility

Consent to Create Loving Experiences
Sex-ercises, Diet and Aphrodisiacs
Communicating Sexual Needs
Creating your Sacred Space
Sexual Anatomy & Physiology

Foreplay, Types of Orgasms & Positions                                                                                                         
Transitions through Sexuality

Participants should dress in comfortable clothes and bring a pillow and a blanket, a light lunch and an object of personal significance.

2018 Program dates: 
by Private Booking until February 2019

Feb 3rd, 9th & 10th, 2019                                                                                                                           3 Day Program $550
Refresher $250

Offered by pre-registration & private sessions.
Pay securely online

Relationship & Intimacy Wellness Session

In a world where sexual awareness, intimacy and love can be confused with pornography, exploitation and obscenity, Celeste helps people celebrate their sexuality, starting with getting to know, respect and celebrate themselves first! People face many personal and internal conflicts with their sexuality.  In the welcoming embrace that Celeste provides they can start to explore what is natural, but society has depicted as taboo.  Celeste empowers a person to design their own comfort levels and growth through informational sessions & workshops as well as experiential retreats and intensives.  She is there as support in personal sessions and/or group sessions.  She is there for couples at every level of relationships and is a key person in helping couples learn how to relate and communicate to each other. 15 years of hearing the stories of my client ensures there is no topic we cannot discuss with maturity and an open attitude.

Offered by private session and appointment only. (1hr)​​​
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Couples Connection: Relationship & Intimacy Workshop  

Couples in times of stress or new beginnings need practical techniques and simple awareness tools to navigate and create healthy relationships. 
This 3 hour workshop is a great date night alternative that will provide a healthy foundation to deepen connection, build intimacy and expand your experience! 
We invite couples to attend & learn techniques to enhance your relationship as well as your sexual life. You will learn how to increase your sensuality and confidence by connecting with your breath and body through yoga and massage, and use all five senses to honour the divine in yourself and your partner to build intimacy. Sexual techniques to increase pleasure and satisfaction for both of you will be discussed. Couples of all genders and orientations welcome.
The source material for this workshop comes from our popular Life Balance Self Awareness Development Program, as well as Celeste Lemieux's 15+ years working with people in regards to sex, sexuality, sexual dysfunctions, relationships (to self and others) and more. 

This 3 hour workshop will :                                                                                                                           
~ Enhance your Love and Sex life                                                                                                             
~ Understand Boundaries to Move Through them                                                                                      
~ Improve Communication 
~ Identify Emotions to Let Go
~ Build Intimacy & Confidence with your Partner                                                                                   
~ Increase Pleasure & Satisfaction within your Relationship

Group Workshop: $150 per couple, registration required – limited space.​​
Private Workshops are $270 per couple at a time and day of your choice.

Couples Connection: Relationship & Intimacy Development Series

6 Month Program 
☆ 1 In Person Session with Celeste per month
☆ 1 Area of Focus per month
☆ Relationship Development Excercises
☆ Self Awareness Practices
☆ Practical, Easy to Do Steps
☆ Ongoing Support & Monthly Checkins
☆ Affordable 

Each session we have one area of focus that the couple will develop. At the end of each segment, we check in to find the areas of strength and opportunities to grow.

The areas of focus are: 
1. Breath and Connection 
2. Concentration and Focus 
3. Postures or Positions in Life
4. Visual Displays of Love
5. Gestures or Acts of Kindness
6. Words Spoken that Develop Love & Intimacy
7. Sexual Union as an Expression of Love.

These areas are based on ancient Tantric Teachings and the Art of Sacred Union with a modern approach for our current times.
We book your 7 sessions based on mutual availability and they run 1-1.5 hours based on the needs of the couple.

50% deposit plus payments if required (inquire directly to Celeste)
Contact clemieux@sasktel.net for more details or to register

Purchase Now: 7 sessions $699

☆☆☆ Companion Offering - Commitment Ceremony to your Sacred Union ($250 plus travel and lodging with 7 month program, regular $450)

Wild Woman Empowerment Workshop  

With the rise of the Feminine being so much of the focus in modern times, we are looking to each other for guidance on what that means.  If we bring balance and strength into the power of the feminine, we create space for a balanced masculine to cultivate and be present.  
In this 3 hour workshop, we focus on educating women about their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual connections to their Wild Woman within.  We look at where we have given up our power, or had it taken away and how to reclaim it.  We create an environment of trust so all may feel good about the uniqueness of who we are.                        
Topics will include: self care, sex and intimacy, relationships, self confidence, setting boundaries, pushing boundaries, self love, orgasm, communication, goal setting and so much more.

Group Workshop: $150 per person  
Private Workshop: $240 per person
Corporate Workshop: $450 (10 people max)

Kickass Clarity Leadership Mentoring

Are you a Teacher, Coach, Mentor or Leader in your community?
What slows down your success as you empower others towards theirs?
These Mentoring Sessions are intuitively based and designed to uncover what you need to be the most effective Leader you can be.  They will help you understand what is happening in the bigger picture and offer clarity on how it relates to you.  With fierce Mama Love(that's the Kickass part), compassionate accountability(that's the multiple sessions part) and direct easy to understand next steps, you will feel empowered to maintain Clarity and Direction in your Business & Personal life.  

Offered by private sessions and appointments only. 
(3 Mentoring Sessions)
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